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Ayady Partners with Startupbootcamp to Bring the First of its Kind FinTech Accelerator Program to Cairo

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Ayady for Investment and Development partners with Startupbootcamp to bring to Cairo the world’s best FinTech accelerator. Vice President of Private Equity at NI Capital, Aly Tawfik shared Ayady Egypt‘s vision for sustainable development at Startupbootcamp‘s launch event among a group of renowned program partners and participating startups.

“Ayady is a firm believer of the potential FinTech holds to change the entire dynamic of the non-banking financial services industry. We are keen to empower entrepreneurs to develop their ideas to ultimately shape the ecosystem in which we all operate. Our support of this one of a kind accelerator program in Cairo asserts our commitment to promoting sustainable development goals including financial inclusion, access to finance and job creation.”

Ayady Egypt is one of a number of industry giants, partners to SBC Cairo FINTECH Program, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Pharos Holding for Financial Investments, ALEXBANK, German Agency for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (GIZ), Visa, Sanad’s Entrepreneurship Academy, and Export Development Bank Of Egypt (EBE).

NI Capital Emerges as “Fastest Growing Investment Banking Advisory Firm – 2018” Awarded by International Finance Magazine

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CEO & MD: NI Capital, bridging the gap between the private and public sectors

NI Capital wins “Fastest Growing Investment Banking Advisory Firm” by International Finance Magazine in its Financial Awards Category for 2018.  International Finance is a premium financial and business analysis magazine, published by UK’s International Finance Publications Ltd.

Mr. Ashraf Ghazaly, CEO & MD at NI Capital Holding commented on the win noting, “Since its establishment, NI Capital has been dynamically growing its role in the Egyptian economy working towards bridging the gap between the private and public sectors.” he continued, “Our Investment Banking division has made rapid strides in the field; propelling the Government sponsored IPO Program and contributing to the progress of the greater reform program set for the country.”

Mr. Ihab Swellem, Managing Director of Investment Banking Advisory Services at NI Capital said, “We are very honored to be recognized by the renowned International Finance Magazine.” He went on to say, “NI Capital has been working determinedly with the strong support of the Government of Egypt and the backing of a multitude of private sector business partners to drive greater impact and ensure the IPO Program achieves its set objectives.”

NI Capital’s investment banking arm will continue to source deals from both the private and public sectors, leveraging its access to public assets to provide new lucrative investment opportunities designed to spur growth in Egypt’s capital markets and increase exposure to new sectors. NI Capital acts as an independent catalyst for promoting public-private cooperation and attracting both domestic and foreign expertise to add value through promoting sustainable economic and social development across Egypt.


NI Capital Announces 2018 Strategy and the Appointment of New Board Members

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NI Capital’s Board of Directors meeting was held today at the company’s headquarters in the presence of her Excellency Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform Dr. Hala El Said headed by Mr. Mahmoud Montaser Ibrahim, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of The National Investment Bank, along with members of the Board of Directors.

The Board discussed the expected strategy for 2018, noting that the company continues to support the Government sponsored IPO Program under the supervision of the Ministerial Committee headed by the Ministry of Finance. NI Capital will also continue to provide technical support, management consulting and restructuring services to various entities and ministries through NI Consulting. With regards to Investment Management, Ayady for Investment and Development, managed by NI Capital, has just established Creative Media Ventures Ebda3, a media and media technology investment company which aims to develop the sector and contribute to increasing the economic returns of the media sector in the national GDP.

Launch of Egypt’s Government IPO Program: The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and NI Capital Announce CI Capital Investment Banking, Jefferies International Limited and Emirates NBD Capital Limited as ENPPI’s Winning Consortium

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The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and NI Capital announced today that the consortium led by CI Capital, comprising of Jefferies International Limited and Emirates NBD Capital Limited was declared winner and its members to act as lead managers and bookrunners for the potential ENPPI IPO. The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation along with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources are eager to see this transaction succeed, affording it all the support it merits.

The Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, H.E. Dr. Sahar Nasr said, “We are keen to see the success of this IPO Program in broadening the ownership base in state-run companies through private sector participation, offered to both retail and institutional investors in Egypt and beyond. The ENPPI IPO is only the beginning of a pipeline of state-run companies to offer minority shares publicly over the next year, while keeping majority stakes owned by the government in these enterprises, increasing the overall width and liquidity of Egypt’s’ stock market”.

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Eng. Tarek El-Molla stated, “We believe that ENPPI is the best fitted company to inaugurate the IPO Program. ENPPI provides a good proxy to the thriving Egyptian oil and gas industry and will act as a flagship company to the government IPO program and to increase the overall sector diversification of the Egyptian stock market. The proceeds of the IPO will be efficiently utilized to expand existing and inject new investments into the oil and gas sector.”

NI Capital, the sole advisor to the government on its IPO Program, received several bids from leading investment banks and consortia looking to manage the minority sale of ENPPI’s share. NI Capital’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Ashraf Ghazaly said, “We are pleased to announce CI Capital – Jefferies International Limited – Emirates NBD Capital Limited as ENPPI’s minority share issue lead managers.”

CI Capital’s Executive Chairman & Group CEO, Mahmoud Attalla said, “Our Consortium is honored to be chosen as the first issue in the IPO Program. Our consortium members’ combined experience and capabilities will ensure the success of the IPO.”

This announcement marks the first real step in fulfilling the government’s sponsored IPO program. The IPO Program led by the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation reflects the Government’s long term commitment to economic reform. With current economic conditions stabilizing, the IPO Program is set to draw local and foreign interest and encourage investment in multiple strategic industries and sectors with future potential for growth and prosperity as well as increasing the transparency, enhancing good governance and disclosure practices of the companies to be listed.


NI Capital Announces the Launch of the Request for Proposal Process for ENPPI’s IPO

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NI Capital, a sovereign subsidiary of the National Investment Bank and the sole advisor to the government on the IPO program, announces the launch of the Request for Proposal process to invite qualified local and international investment banks to bid for the role of global coordinator/lead arrangers (along with necessary consortium members) for the minority sale of ENPPI’s share on the Cairo Stock Exchange.

This step marks the kickoff of the first transaction in the government’s sponsored IPO program under the patronage of the Ministry of Investment & International Cooperation which is part of Egypt’s recent economic and policy reform efforts. The IPO program is fueled by a fundamental belief in the role of the Egyptian stock exchange as an immediate source of fresh funds, a means to diversify funding sources for the state and a catalyst to widening ownership base of state-run firms.

“NI Capital is pleased to announce the launch of the RFPs process for ENPPI’s potential IPO, which marks the first milestone in this important transaction.  We are confident that this transaction will be a success; ENPPI is one of the most successful oil and gas EPC contractors in the region.” said Ashraf Ghazaly, CEO and Managing Director at NI Capital. “The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation along with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources are affording this transaction all the support it merits” added Ghazaly.