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NI Capital Emerges as “Fastest Growing Investment Banking Advisory Firm – 2018” Awarded by International Finance Magazine

CEO & MD: NI Capital, bridging the gap between the private and public sectors

NI Capital wins “Fastest Growing Investment Banking Advisory Firm” by International Finance Magazine in its Financial Awards Category for 2018.  International Finance is a premium financial and business analysis magazine, published by UK’s International Finance Publications Ltd.

Mr. Ashraf Ghazaly, CEO & MD at NI Capital Holding commented on the win noting, “Since its establishment, NI Capital has been dynamically growing its role in the Egyptian economy working towards bridging the gap between the private and public sectors.” he continued, “Our Investment Banking division has made rapid strides in the field; propelling the Government sponsored IPO Program and contributing to the progress of the greater reform program set for the country.”

Mr. Ihab Swellem, Managing Director of Investment Banking Advisory Services at NI Capital said, “We are very honored to be recognized by the renowned International Finance Magazine.” He went on to say, “NI Capital has been working determinedly with the strong support of the Government of Egypt and the backing of a multitude of private sector business partners to drive greater impact and ensure the IPO Program achieves its set objectives.”

NI Capital’s investment banking arm will continue to source deals from both the private and public sectors, leveraging its access to public assets to provide new lucrative investment opportunities designed to spur growth in Egypt’s capital markets and increase exposure to new sectors. NI Capital acts as an independent catalyst for promoting public-private cooperation and attracting both domestic and foreign expertise to add value through promoting sustainable economic and social development across Egypt.


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