Naglaa El Bialy is an accomplished alumnus of the American University of Cairo, having graduated from the Faculty of Economics with exceptional distinction. Presently, she serves as a trusted advisor to the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, specializing in investment and asset management. With a wealth of experience, she has been instrumental in advancing investment initiatives and optimizing the utilization of state-owned assets through collaborations with the private sector. Over her three decades of professional involvement, she has held several prominent roles within public administration and effectively overseen significant national projects within the Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Planning.

Among her notable achievements are pioneering the compilation of Egypt’s inaugural comprehensive catalog of unused state-owned assets. She has also assumed responsibility for the supervision, monitoring, and regulation of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and secondary offering transactions related to the sale of public shares in Joint Ventures, totaling an impressive value of LE 12.4 billion. Moreover, she has successfully established and currently manages the premier comprehensive database encompassing Joint Ventures and associated investment prospects in Egypt.

Naglaa El Bialy also held board positions at both Misr Iran Bank and Egyptian Gulf Bank, underscoring her multifaceted expertise and leadership within the financial sector.


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