NI Capital’s Investment Management division focuses on promoting impact investing, sustainable development of Egypt and promoting private investment in the country. To that end, the division manages funds on behalf of the government, institutional investors, financial institutions and high net worth clients to invest in a diverse range of asset classes across private and public equities, real estate and fixed income instruments. By utilizing our team’s extensive experience across several asset classes, we search for investments geared towards the advancement of key industries while providing our clients access to investment opportunities tailored to meet their risk/return and investment horizon profile.

At NI Capital, we adopt a consistent and disciplined investment process across pre-identified asset classes with our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients being the core of our team’s focus. We work diligently to understand our clients’ needs, offer informed advice and execute strategies to generate excess returns and achieve sustainable development goals.

Ultimately, our key performance indicators are not only measured in terms of alpha but also in terms of our developmental impact. NI Capital’s value proposition is its ability to leverage its quasi-government structure to bridge the gap between private and public to achieve double bottom-line investment returns.


NI Capital Private Equity focuses on four primary areas:

Venture Capital

Growth Capital

Turnaround Capital

Fixed Income


EGP 1.3 billion AUMs

7 portfolio companies

Investments in 5 strategic sectors 


NI Capital’s investment management division has been mandated as the strategic investment advisor for a number of prominent funds, managing their respective portfolios for the life of each investment to ensure that they are value accretive both economically and socially and in line with their investment objectives.


Ayady for Investments and Development was launched in March 2015 through the collaboration between the Ministry of Planning and other quasi-government institutions. Ayady’s investment philosophy is to seek opportunities where financial returns and positive sustainable impact go hand-in-hand.

Ayady invests in multiple industries with a focus on high-impact sectors including real estate development, tourism, financial services, media and media technology and health care.


Damietta Furniture City (DFC)

Established in July 2016 under the General Authority of Investment, DFC is a 331-acre furniture manufacturing industrial complex in Damietta that aims to develop the furniture manufacturing sector in Egypt and attract domestic and foreign investment. The 1st of its kind specialized industrial zone in Egypt aiming to serve the furniture industry to increase its exports and satisfy the local demand.

Shareholders: NIB, Government of Damietta, Ayady, Industrial and Mining Projects Authority (IMPA)


Tamweely for Microfinance

Tamweely is a microfinance provider established in 2017, focusing on the underserved market in Upper Egypt, the Delta area and Greater Cairo, Tamweely offers a variety of financial products and services backed by technological solutions and hybrid distribution channels to micro and small enterprise entrepreneurs.

Shareholders: NI Capital, Ayady,  Post for Investment


Ergo, Media Ventures

Established in January 2018, Ergo, Media Ventures, previously known as Creative Media Ventures,  is an Ayady for Investment and Development investment company managed by NI Capital. It focuses primarily on investing in digital and traditional media content, distribution and enablers to support and empower promising talents ultimately advancing the media and film industries.

Shareholder: Ayady


Ayady Masr Developments (AMD)

Established in May 2016, AMD is a real estate development company, focusing on underutilized government real estate assets.

Shareholders: Ayady, others


Enmaa Leasing Company

Established in April 2015, Enmaa is a joint stock financial leasing company offering multiple Sharia’a-compliant leasing solutions for large companies as well as small and medium enterprises.

Shareholders: Islmaic Coropration for Development, Arab Investment Bank, Ayady


Egypt Venture Capital Company (EVCC)

Established in late 2017, Egypt Venture Capital company provides a unique investment approach for investors and shareholders. The company invests in distressed asset pools, then conducts restructuring services to create value.

Shareholders: Tahya Misr, NIB, Ayay, industrial Modernization Center


Egypt Ventures was established to help close the funding gaps faced by startups by providing capital to these companies, either directly or indirectly through entrepreneurship incubators or venture capital funds.


NICEF is an investment vehicle established to create sustainable support to enhance education in Egypt. With the country’s main priority now being youth and development, investing in Education has become vital. The idea of the fund is to establish a mechanism to provide sustainable funding for educational projects with the objective to improve the level of education and support students.

NICEF is a fund managed by NI Capital’s investment management arm to generate highest risk adjusted return on medium and long term. NI Capital set up the mechanics of the fund, defining a sustainable approach to managing the fund following a solid governance structure that administers charitable work and waqf in an institutional and professional manner.